The Man Behind The Lens

Wedding Photographer, Jako Tomlinso

This is me, Jako Tomlinson. I'm not a big fan on telling a long story about myself online, but if you want to know a few things here goes.
I was born in Swellendam and still live in Swellendam.

My passion for photography started around 2006 when I took a normal point-and-shoot Kodak digital camera with 3MP, (That was a lot back then) took some pictures of people, flowers, this and that. I've downloaded the pictures and saw WOW it looks good, there after I borrowed my mom's new 8MP Olympus DSLR that helped a lot on learning the finer detail on how a camera actually works and how to improve on my skills. I went to Stellenbosch to study Music, Photography & Marketing Management. Today I can say I use all three but that's a story for later.

During my time studying photography I got the opportunity to second shoot for Susan Smit, thrown into the deep end, I had to go and take pictures of the groom getting ready.

Thinking okay, I can do this. Working under pressure showed me that I can get very creative.

In 2009 I started to advertise myself "professional" as you would call it. By this time I already had the latest camera gear, don't worry I won't show up with my old 3MP camera.

In 2012 I started to work under the name Langeberg Weddings.

After a while I grew fond of wedding videos, started with a normal cassette camera and went forward from there.

It's easy to shoot a video from a tripod but, I love going without one, that gives me the opportunity to shoot from different angles like a Cinematographer "Movie Look"

I still use a mono or tripod during the ceremony.

It's difficult to tell you what kind of style I'm taking pictures, It's more a what you see on my portfolio is what you get.

Back to my Music, Photography and Marketing Management. Currently I'm a Music teacher at a primary school teaching Piano, Guitar, Recorder and Singing lessons, I'm also a Church Organist. I'm using the Marketing part... well, for this website for instance.

If you would ask me what I like shooting, I'll definitely say Weddings because at each wedding I get to meet new people, seeing new places, traveling, experience new traditions. Getting better at what I do. Although I live in Swellendam, most of my wedding work is like 200km away.

If you have any questions regarding me or my work, please email or contact me.
I hope you enjoyed my story.